March 27, 2017

Community News


Facebook Requesting Community Feedback on Road Tracing Project

Join the community in discussing the recent Facebook AI-Assisted road tracing project.  Your support and recommendations on this revolutionary project are greatly appreciated by the broader OSM community.


OSM Foundation Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes from last weeks board meeting are now published.  The next board meeting is scheduled for April 18th.

  Mapping Data


Microsoft Releases High Quality Data – 9.8M Buildings

Microsoft announced to the OSM community that it has released data representing 9.8 million buildings throughout the United States.  Details of this project including guidelines for importing into OSM are outlined at the link above.


Mapillary’s Rhythm

Blog post from Mapillary that outlines the behind the scenes data activity taking place around the world.



Community Discussion on Tools to Prevent Incorrect Edits

Community is requesting your input on how to more quickly find and correct incorrect edits including recommendations regarding tool development.


Mapzen Bike Map Feedback

Mapzen has publish a poll requesting feedback from community on bikes and overall bike safety in your community.

Humanitarian News


Youth Mappers in Uganda

Video from the Youth Mappers team in Uganda on their mapping initiatives and why they map with OpenStreetMap.


Mapping Bootcamp in Tanzania

Details on a recent mapping bootcamp in Tanzania where students learned about the use of drones for map data collection and how that data can improve OpenStreetMap, prevent outbreak of Cholera.

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