February 27, 2017

Community News

Facebook AI-Based Road Import

Facebook published details regarding their road import project in Thailand and Egypt.

OSM Board Meeting Last Week

OSM Foundation board meeting was held on 2/21.  Draft meeting minutes are now posted at the link below.

Global Mapathon – March 25th

National Missing Maps Global Mapathon scheduled for 3/25.  Click below to register or find a location near you.

Mapping Data

Digital Globe Bought by MDA

Canada’s MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates (MDA) to buy U.S.-based satellite imagery provider DigitalGlobe for about $2.40 billion.

New Version of OpenStreetCam, Close to 500,000 km of Imagery

Telenav released a new version of OpenStreetCam (OSC) which introduces new leaderboard features.  OSC now has close to 500,000 km of crowd-sourced imagery available around the world.

Photographing Earth Every Day

Great article outlining the new Planet satellite constellation and how it plans to map the planet every day.


Open Traffic Platform – Linear Referencing

OSM community has been working together to create an Open Traffic platform.  In support, Mapzen published a technical preview of the OSM Linear Referencing system (OSMLR) which provides a method for specifying a section of road in an environment of constant OSM data updates.

Create Your Own POSM (Portable OSM) Setup

POSM is a solution which enables field mapping efforts in areas with no network connectivity.  Dale Kunce published the first of several posts on how to create your own instance.

Need for Better Addressing Tools

Great article published in the MIT Technology Review that highlights the growing logistical challenges with delivering goods in places such as Accra, Ghana.

Humanitarian News

Mapping in Uganda to End Malaria

@youthmappers team in Ugana made 142,141 OSM edits in 6 weeks which includes over 25,000 km of roads.

Fighting FGM in Tanzania

Missing Maps article on how mapping is helping the team eliminate FGM in Tanzania.