April 3, 2017

Community News


2017 Mapathon Series

OSM US board announced dates for their annual Mapathon series.

Spring Mapathon Weekend:  April 15-16

Summer Mapathon Weekend:  July 15-16

Fall Mapathon Weekend:  November 11-12


Latest Maproulette Newsletter

Latest update from the Maproulette team that includes new and notable challenges and highlights new features.

  Mapping Data


OSM Landuse Data

Highlight of the OSM landuse and landcover data by location.



Edit Map Objects with MapillaryJS

Mapillary released an update to their JavaScript tool which will help relate what you see in one of their images to a specific location on the map.


The Twists and Turns of Curved Labels

Technical deep dive from Mapzen on what it takes to properly render a label along a curved road and smoothly animate it while zooming.

Humanitarian News


MapSwipe: 10M Contributions in 6 Months

A closer look at the MapSwipe contributions and tools to analyze the data.


Pan American Development Foundation (PADF) in Guatemala

Faculty and students at the George Washington University teamed up with PADF to help bring digital mapping tools to communities in Guatemala.