March 13, 2017

Community News


State of the Map US Dates Announced

Mark your calendars, October 19th-22nd in Boulder, Colorado.  Website to launch soon with additional information including registration and a call for abstracts.  We look forward to seeing everyone there!


New MapRoulette Newsletter

The Maproulette team introduced a newsletter to keep us updated on the amazing editing work of the OSM community and communicate enhancements to the tool.  Below is a  report they published on the most popular challenges.  Keep up the great work everyone!

  1. Self-Intersecting building outlines – all done!
  2. Crossing Ways: Highway-Railway, US – 55% done, >17000 tasks available
  3. CHN_BuildingRoadIntersectionCheck, 34% done, ~2800 tasks available
  4. Self-Intersecting landuse outlines (World-wide), all done!
  5. Open Rings, all done!

  Mapping Data


OpenAddresses celebrates 400 million addresses

OpenAddresses is a project to create a global open address point data set.  Mapzen published an update on the project including an announcement that OpenAddresses has surpassed 400 million addresses and expects the 2,000th data source this month.


OpenAerialMap now out of beta

OpenAerialMap provides access to openly licensed aerial imagery.  Check out to link to access their open imagery and learn more about how to contribute.



3D Scene reconstruction

Project update from Telenav on where they are at with generating 3D data from multiple 2D images.


Transitland Update

Mapzen update on their Transitland tool which now includes data representing 1,511 transit operators.


GeoVisual Search

Interesting tool from Descartes Labs that essentially uses machine learning and satellite imagery to provide a search engine for similar-looking objects around the world.

Humanitarian News


Volunteer Mapmakers Saving Lives

“A report on the technology and people helping medical charities reach the remote parts of the world that Google Maps doesn’t.” – Financial Times.  Fascinating article highlighting the amazing work of Missing Maps and the OSM community.


Scaling open maps for Jakarta flooding

Mapbox blog on how community officials in Indonesia streamline disaster response using OpenStreetMap data and community tools.

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