March 6, 2017

Community News

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Our weekly newsletter can now be found  online at  Here you can access additional information about the OSM community including news, events, daily metrics, and product tutorials.  Take a look and let us know what you think.  Suggestions are welcomed and appreciated.

  Mapping Data


Mapillary: Three Trends in Traffic Sign Inventory

Mapillary shared some insight into the trends they are seeing regarding traffic sign inventories and asset inventories.


Updated Data Added to ImproveOSM

Telenav has been very busy and has updated Improve OSM with a significant amount of data. They processed recent GPS data from a number of data partners and added a total of 30,000 new missing road tiles, over 17,000 in Indonesia alone, and 67,000 potential missing one-way roads.


Astro Digital Raises $16M in Series A Funding

More satellite news this week.  Astro Digital raises solid A round to provide on demand imagery.  Through their software platform users can select an area of the Earth and retrieve satellite images processed to show any of 4 attributes: true color, vegetation density, urban growth, and land/water borders.



Mapbox Unity SDK

Mapbox launched their  Unity SDK at the Game Developers Conference last week in San Francisco.  This new SDK provides global real world map layers, search, and directions to location-based games and AR/VR applications in a simple package.


Street Address Interpolation

Mapzen announced a new address interpolation system which can be used as a stand-alone application or included with other geographic software or search engines.  This tool helps fill the gaps found in the OSM data set.


Converting Exit_to to Destination Tags

Daniel-j-h @Mapbox published a great post comparing the use of exit_to tags to  destination tags in providing proper motorway junction guidance.  In his blog there is also a link to a tool that converts exit_to tags to the recommended destination approach.

Humanitarian News



Quality is the most important thing in everything we do. 90% percent of Missing Maps tasks are marked as done but task validation is under 50%.  Missing Maps team is asking that we set aside time on Friday to help validate the work everyone has put in and provide positive feedback to our community members.


Eliminate Malaria

Several news tasks added to Missing Maps to help eliminate malaria.  Your help is needed, please start mapping today.

Martin Dittus gave a great presentation on mass participation during emergency response.


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